GAINESVILLE, FL – Wednesday May 29, 2019 SharpSpring, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHSP), a leading cloud-based marketing automation platform, today announced the release of Activity Feed, a game-changing feature which gives sales teams a real-time view of critical lead interactions – in turn enabling them to close more sales, more quickly.

Activity Feed helps salespeople close more deals by prioritizing outreach based on lead engagement. The feature provides a comprehensive, live stream of how every lead is interacting with their brand – such as opening emails, engaging on social media, and visiting web pages. These real-time insights allow sales teams to reach out to leads at exactly the right time for optimal conversion.

“Salespeople can see exactly how and when a lead is engaging and take immediate action to turn that lead into a customer – it’s really going to revolutionize the sales process,” said Morgan Bell, Director of Product at SharpSpring. “Such a powerful tool is only possible with a platform that includes both comprehensive marketing automation and a truly integrated CRM, like SharpSpring.”

Traditional marketing automation solutions, like Marketo and Eloqua, and traditional CRM platforms, like Salesforce, do not fully integrate marketing and website information into the sales process, so they are unable to deliver the same level of actionable insights for sales teams.

Additional Activity Feed benefits include filtering based on lead owner or activity type and the ability to drill down directly to a contact or opportunity for additional information. This all-in-one experience enables salespeople and managers to improve productivity and conversions, helping the more than 7,500 businesses and digital marketing agencies using SharpSpring accelerate sales and revenues.

“Every morning, the first thing I do is open the Activity Feed to see what my leads are doing,” said Jon Tsourakis, president and chief revenue officer of Oyova, a long-time SharpSpring partner. “This insight helps me reach out to my leads at pivotal times – it’s totally transforming how we approach sales.”

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